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Brewer's Irrigation is your top choice for sprinkler installations in Mobile. We offer a complete range of sprinkler systems, all produced by the industry’s leading manufacturers. They promise a lifetime of use, minimal water wastage, and maximum coverage. For fast service times, top-quality workmanship, and fair installation prices, we are the team for you.

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Professional Irrigation Installation

Save Time, Save Water

If you’re looking for a fresh green lawn all summer, but you just don’t have the time or energy to water it all the time, the simplest solution is a sprinkler installation.

We offer a complete suite of different sprinkler systems, each well-suited to different needs, wants, and sizes of landscapes. Automated sprinklers can be set up to go on and off at specified time periods, so you never have to worry about whether or not you get the timing right.  

Getting professional sprinkler installation means that you never have to worry about when you water, or even how much water you use because you can set it to precise automated settings.

With our professional installation services, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Less time spent on yardwork
  • Less water waste
  • More even distribution of water
  • A greener, healthier landscape

Our Sprinkler Installation Process

When it comes to irrigation installation, we always make sure that no stone is left unturned. We use tried-and-true processes, which incorporate the safest and most efficient procedures available.

Our services include the following:

1. Assessment and Preparation

Our technicians will first come to your home to do an initial assessment, and then gather the appropriate materials once they have determined the best type of system for your needs.

They will then plan out the design and layout and prepare the area for construction.

During the preparation, they may be doing a number of things such as:

  • Yard excavation
  • Moving yard features
  • Measuring and flagging
  • Learning about utility line locations
  • Contacting local governments regarding rules and permits

2. Sprinkler Installation

Next, our team will start the process of installing the system, including digging trenches, adding wires, installing lines, and backfilling.

Then they will connect the water lines and install a controller. The water line connection location will depend on the climate.   

3. Inspection and Guarantee

Once the installation’s complete, we perform a rigorous quality control inspection to ensure that everything is in place. We’ll test the system and, if needed, we’ll make any adjustments to make sure it works at optimal efficiency.

Our team will then be happy to tell you what maintenance procedures you can take to minimize the chances of repair issues. We’ll also inform you of all warranties and guarantees that you can expect to enjoy.

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